Heba Y. Amin

Heba Y. Amin, The Master’s Tools I, 2018, installation view (detail), 10. Berlin Biennale, ZK/U – Zentrum für Kunst und Urbanistik, Berlin, courtesy Heba Y. Amin

How about creating a new supercontinent? One could converge Africa and Europe and call it... Atlantropa! Why? Atlantropa would make it easier for Africa to exploit resources from Europe. A canal from Berlin to Cape Town could help with the distribution of goods. All the money from the countries on this new continent would be used to finance the project, not war and terrorism.

Europe, your irrational fears of being overrun by African and Middle Eastern migrants would be put to rest.

Heba Y. Amin appropriates the megalomaniac idea of a supercontinent in her Anti-Control Room, part of her larger project, Operation Sunken Sea. Having presented the project in the spring of 2018 at the Mediterranean Institute of the University of Malta, Amin shows further materials in Berlin, as well as documentation of other utopian visions for alternative geographies. The project Operation Sunken Sea (The Anti-Control Room) (2018) blurs the lines between history, the present, and the future; between truth, fiction, and megalomania. Amin leaves us with an uneasy feeling of insecurity about the kind of a world we are currently inhabiting—and the world we might wish (or not wish) to inhabit.

—Yvette Mutumba

  • ZK/U – Center for Art and Urbanistics


Operation Sunken Sea (The Anti-Control Room), 2018
Video installation, mixed media
Courtesy Heba Y. Amin; Zilberman Gallery, Istanbul/ Berlin

Commissioned and produced by Berlin Biennale for Contemporary Art
With the support of Outset Germany_Switzerland; Zilberman Gallery, Istanbul/Berlin